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Texas Power

Wow, that week without power really put a lot of things into perspective.  If 2020 was a unique year, I don’t think any of us ever expected that in 2021 we as a state would lose power for days here in Texas.   In times like what we all just went through, I’ve found its a great time to reflect (especially…
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Taxes in 2021

When a new administration comes in, taxes always seem to come in focus because things can change and have an impact on your retirement. In our latest podcast, Angela and I lay a foundation for what we’ll cover this month and specifically go over where taxes stand today in 2021. We also hit the 3 different…
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Top question

The number one question from our survey we did to kick off the year was…. do I have enough? Do you have enough is a pretty broad term when you take a look at the question itself. We wanted to define what is enough for you since not only was this the number one answer…
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