Our goal is to work alongside our clients to make a big impact in the DFW community through Compass Cares.


Seeing so much need in our city in 2020 forged the idea of how we as a company could impact the Dallas Fort Worth area in the future. In 2021, we set out with a vision of how we could use our community of clients to get involved side-by-side with us in quarterly outings to help different charities in our area.


We can do so much more together than alone.

Clients of Compass Retirement play a big role in our commitment to make an impact in our city.


Charities We've Helped So Far

We launched our first Compass Cares with Volunteers of America Texas


Although the beginning of 2021 prevented us from volunteering together with our clients, our team here at Compass was able to spend time painting in local housing for Volunteers of America Texas in March of 2021. Neither AEWM nor Compass Retirement is affiliated with Volunteers of America Texas.


We're Just Getting Started

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