Compass Champions


For clients who want to have a little fun along with us and earn access to exclusive events and receive cool stuff, we've developed a point system for different activities. The most important to us ... and highest rewarded ... is participation in Compass Cares volunteer events. 

Earn points and be a Compass Champion! We're keeping track of your points with the Compass Champion's Leaderboard.

We also have points that can be earned by bringing other folks like you to volunteer, and possibly become a part of our Compass Retirement client family. 


Rewards for Compass Champions


Exclusive Events

Recognition at Client Appreciation Events

Invitation to Private Champions Events

Plus other fun Champions experiences!

Exclusive Perks

Compass Champions T-Shirt

Compass Champions Fleece Blanket

The Compass Champions Tumbler

How can you earn points?

Serve at a Compass Cares event

Events are held quarterly at various charity and community organizations. You'll earn more points the more you participate! Attend all 4 events and earn even more!

Donate at a Compass Cares Event

Donating your time, energy and talents to help the community is awesome! Donating needed items gets bonus points!

Bring a Retirement-Age Friend with a Heart Like Yours to Volunteer at a Compass Cares Event

We can do so much more good TOGETHER! So bring a friend, we'll help others and you'll get points. We'll roll up our sleeves and put good into action!

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How to Earn Points Points Rewarded
Involvement in Compass Cares
Volunteer at a Compass Cares event 25
Retirement age friend you bring to a Compass Cares event 10
Donate to a Compass Cares charity 10
Write your first Google review for Compass Retirement 5
Write your first Facebook review for Compass Retirement 5
Write your first iTunes review for Compass Retirement 5
First time you tag us on social media 2
First time you tag us in a photo on social media 2

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