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    Think of it this way.

In your working years, it’s like scaling up to the top of a mountain. Once you approach retirement you are getting closer to the top of that mountain and now you have to figure out how to get down. Getting down is sometimes scarier than even getting to the top if you don’t know which path to take and which obstacles to avoid.


This new leg of your journey is something we specialize in.

We love being a local DFW retirement and tax-efficient strategy team to get you down confidently with the a plan suited to your needs.

It starts with one simple question:

Do you know how you’ll generate money in retirement?


Income is what drives your retirement because Income gives you choice.

More income could mean that you can plan for trips you have wanted to take, you may have more options for healthcare expenses, or you may be able to do with the kids and grandkids.

Our Income Plan is simple to understand, and easy for you to have one created by our local team.


Here's what's included:

  • A 3 Step Process to helping you create a complete plan for your retirement.

  • It’ll cover these 5 areas of planning:

  • Income Planning, Investment, Tax-Efficient Strategies, Health and Long Term Care Strategies and Legacy Planning

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    Scott & Angela Winstead


    We love being a local DFW retirement professional team to so many families in this area.

    If you are looking for retirement professionals that will bend over backwards for their clients, we believe you have come to the right spot. The only requirement is that you have to be a nice person, that’s it.