• We believe it is impossible to be happy
    in retirement if you are concerned with
    having your basic daily needs met.

General Retirement


Know What to Expect

So, you’re ready to start thinking about retirement. Sadly, even those of us who have plans for retirement often don’t plan correctly. There are often hidden costs, hidden fees, hidden taxes, taxes that rise or spring out of nowhere, unexpected expenses, and market crashes that throw poorly-formed retirement plans for a loop. The key is to avoid common retirement planning pitfalls, to know how to invest, and to start as early as possible. If your’e over the age of 20, you should be saving and planning for retirement.



Planning for Retirement is Key

Unfortunately, one of the most common retirement mistakes is underestimating how much you need and going through money too quickly. Many people think they have saved enough money only to discover just a few short years into retirement that they must go back to work to pay the bills. This happens surprisingly often, and increasingly more as taxes rise and as life expectancies continue to go up. How do you know that you’ve saved enough? How do you know that you won’t have to go back to work after you retire?