• Guiding people towards
    a financially stable retirement.

Our Process

At Compass Retirement, we’ve developed a straight forward, three-step process to chart your financial future. Our goal is to work with you to create the best retirement plan possible, for your security, comfort, and stability.





The first step in our process is evaluation. We the take the time to get to know you, your specific needs and desires, and the current state of your financial affairs. During our appointment we will discuss your retirement goals, your retirement concerns, and together we will calculate the amount of income that will be necessary for you to turn your retirement dreams into reality. This first step is crucial in our proven process, as it allows us to establish the priorities and goals needed to chart the best possible plans for your retirement future.



The next step – educating –  is often overlooked, underestimated, and skimmed past by others, but it is perhaps the most important step in this process. Simply put, proper financial education is crucial for the success of your retirement and financial planning in the long term.

Using our Life Cycle Model, we provide you with a one-page snapshot of your current financial household. Then, we guide you through a process of looking at three primary variables within your accounts: the fees you pay, the taxes you owe, and the risk you take. This is a different approach than most. You see, most financial professionals only speak in terms of performance or returns.  The problem with that lies in the simple fact that no one – not even the most seasoned professionals – can predict the market. Their focus is on the wrong variable.  We all know the market is going to go up and go down, we just do not know when (and trust us, your current advisor doesn’t either).

Life Cycle Model

  • One page snapshot of your current financial household
  • Current retirement income projection
  • How inflation diminishes purchasing power over time

Retirement Accounts

  • Fees
  • Taxes
  • Risk
  • Performance

Next, we move on to social security and pensions.  There are many rules regarding social security, and each pension plan is unique.  Whether you will receive social security or another pension, they both remain key components in retirement planning, as these are vital parts of retirement income.  We specialize in maximizing your benefits and organizing your assets to get the most optimal income. Even a seemingly small decision can eventually add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the checks you will receive over the course of your lifetime.

Social Security/Pension

  • Rules to know
  • Potential strategies to receive optimal income
  • Possible problems at age 70 1/2- Required Minimum Distributions
  • Understanding taxation of benefits

During this visit, we focus on the variables that we know; projecting forward what your retirement income looks like today and what it will look like down the road if you keep doing what you are doing.  Once you have gained this knowledge, it is time to make sound, informed decisions regarding your financial future. That’s what our next visit is all about!



The final step in our process is executing the plan that supports the initial goals and priorities we established in step one.  We specialize in formulating plans that maximize your retirement income and guarantee a stream of income no matter how long you live. In a world where many people are outliving their money every day, this is huge!

Next, we present you with a step-by-step solution that we will implement moving forward. All of our recommendations will demonstrate how we could lower the fees you are currently paying, possibly reduce the taxes you will owe and shift some of the burden of the risk. Most importantly, we will show you the actual numbers to support our plan – because the numbers don’t lie!  Lastly, we present an updated Life Cycle Model that brings it all together and allows you to understand where you were, where you are, and most importantly – where you are going!

Our commitment is to be available to you when you need us. We understand life happens, and sometimes things just can’t wait. You can call or email anytime with questions that might arise. So give us a call and let us turn your retirement dreams into reality!